February 8, 2010

I must say, I have been so blessed and encouraged by the comments you all have left! Something I’ve needed this week. It’s a rough month at work and it’s been a rough time lately at home, healthwise, and so I ended up getting some Coke at the grocery store today – as my friend put it – “my car just turned right into the parking lot!” Yes, it’s an emotional crutch for me. But I’ve decided that I need to do whatever I can to make it through the month.

I didn’t actually get the sandwiches made last night, but did this morning and had a few other things to bring, too, for supper tonight. So though I had to pay for drop-in childcare to attend my work thing tonight, at least I didn’t have to pay the outrageous prices they charge for meals. And though it was tempting, we didn’t get fast food on the way home, either. I even made tomorrow night’s supper when we got home (a school thing tomorrow night, but babysitter coming to my home). I’m a little discouraged that I had to pay for childcare tonight, but it was an unforeseen circumstance that my parents couldn’t watch the kids.

Actually, it’s been a little discouraging (hopefully just this first month), realizing what seems like a lot of things that I’ve forgotten to include in my spending plan. I’m trying not to get too down with it, as I know it has to be the norm in the first month or two. And I try to remind myself that if I didn’t menu plan we’d be eating fast food much more. For instance, we’d probably have gotten fast food tomorrow night because I would get home shortly before the babysitter arrives and not have thought ahead to supper or have time to make anything at that point. Now I have it all done and it’s in the individual sealed plates, ready to just heat and eat!

I’ve been thinking about getting one of those Kill A Watt gadgets to see where I could save the most money. I’ve been trying to unplug things much more, but there are still a few places, I’m sure, that I’m missing. One I thought might make a noticeable difference is the flat screen TV (and maybe the computer). At a homebuyer ed class I attended a while ago, a lady from the electric company was saying that a plasma tv kept plugged in uses more electricity in one month than I think a refrigerator in a year. (If you have the actual stat, go ahead and post it – I hate being inaccurate, but it was something crazy like that.)

And now my thoughts are running in all sorts of random directions. Which means it’s time for me to go to bed so I can conserve *my* energy – meeting tomorrow and who knows how many trips to the doctor this week (it was two last week). Good night and thanks again for reading!


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