Food Waste Friday

February 26, 2010

Boy, oh boy, I picked a doozy for the first time to post a photo of my Food Waste Friday! In my defense, February was an absolutely chaotic month as far as work. Ended up being pretty chaotic personally, too. Anyway, last weekend we drove 6 hours for my new nephew’s baptism, so we didn’t get a lot of food eaten and little time to prepare food this week due to a busy work and personal week. So I wasn’t going to even take a picture, but then I figured that is exactly the point of this! Even though I’ve cut down on what I buy as far as weekly groceries, I still overestimate how much we will eat in a week. So this week I do not plan on buying any groceries other than the absolute necessities like milk and eggs. So, without further ado, here is my cumulative food waste from the week (I now have a pretty clean fridge!):

Yes, that is half a Sub sandwich.  It’s been a processed food week as I desperately needed quick foods and didn’t have to cook or even do dishes.  Also some leftover pizza from our pizza night last week – normally it would have been eaten on the weekend, but we were gone.  A few peppers from many weeks ago when I actually “overbought” them – forgot I had some at home so I bought more at the store.  You can’t see it, but they’ve got some fuzzy growth on the stems.  Grapes and salad that I just didn’t put out enough for the kiddos.  Plain yogurt that the kids ended up not liking, even with fruit added.   A little chip dip – one of my weaknesses!  And then the meals from last week – some rice and steak and rice with beans – mostly went to waste because the kiddos didn’t like any of it and again, because we were gone for the weekend.  Sadly, the frosting is from more than a month ago, from my daughter’s birthday.  We really tried to use it, but it just didn’t go.  Same daughter asked to try brussel sprouts, but I just never got around to taking the time to learn how to prepare them.  And last but not least, the beans.  I had such good intentions of doing something with them.  The chickpeas were going to be snacks for my daughter’s lunch and I was going to use the kidney beans in recipes.  I should’ve known better than to start soaking on Saturday and then do nothing with them on Sunday.  My weekdays are way too busy.  Which is the whole point of this.  I plan to try freezing the beans next time and cooking the chickpeas right away.

And now, to avoid another bad Food Waste Friday, I’ve got some veggies to prep and fruit to push!


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